Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TurtleCOM 23 – Enter the Fly (2 of 2)

TFTS starts off all anime’d out and DAlex the friendly genie looses his license to the local teen police but fortunately Luis Carazo is able to die roll their spirits +10 by summoning the queen bee, Saskia Delp-Kullock.  Turtle movie trivia abounds, but they find their way back to Baxter’s predicament with a long discussion on mutation rules.  The Turtle Blimp, Knucklehead, and a cheese van race our heroes to the stories end this week so, hold on to your pants, cuz Splinter has to save us all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TurtleCOM 22 – Enter the Fly (1 of 2)

DAlex the queasy genie fights to keep his frappuccino down and TFTS battles to keep this barge of fools sailing straight for Krang’s portal.  Mike Sielaff joins us for the first time out of the LA improv scene and Breon Bliss returns to claim bullshit on Baxter’s science. April finally has to let the turtles down easy and Stockman has a bonding experience with a fly. Hope you have a strong stomach because Bebop & Rocksteady return to earth in this Blimped out episode!