Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TurtleCOM 24 – TMNT 30th Anniversary Special

DAlex the friendly genie returns form Comic-Con 2014 with a little green bug full of turtle superfans including tOkKa (terrible2z.com), Mark Demerin (aka – Fugitoid), and Michelle Ivey (CowabungaCorner.com). It’s not a traditional episode today as they start off with Foot Soldier Theater, performing a scene from the scrapped Ninja Turtles script.  Afterwards it’s an intense recap of Comic-Con including the Nick Pannel, Turtle art, & Hall H. But if that wasn’t enough TFTS & DAlex share their experience watching the new movie and Tokka educates us on the history of TMNT and the business behind it. Get ready to GEEK OUT!